The Adopted Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan!

On October 18, 2011, Buda City Council unanimously adopted the Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan, making it the City’s official framework and guide for making policy decisions and physical development of the Buda community.  Below are the files of the adopted plan.


Drafts of Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan

During the month of August, the citizens of Buda had the opportunity to review the first draft of the comprehensive plan and leave their comments either on this project website or with the City.  The Planning Team also presented the draft to the Planning & Zoning Commission on August 23, 2011 and to City Council on August 30, 2011 for their review and comment.  Based on comments received from citizens, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and City Council, changes were made and a final draft is here for review.  The links below are PDFs of each chapter and element of the plan.

Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan – Final Draft (September 6, 2011)

Changes made since first draft:

  • Memorandum, August 24: Describes the changes from public comment between August 1 and August 23 and Planning & Zoning Commission comments on August 23
  • Memorandum, September 6: Describes the changes from comments by City Council on August 30, no additional public comments were made

Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan – First Draft (August 1, 2011)


Background Documents



4 Responses to “Documents”

  1. Buda earns Scenic City certificate | The Hays Free Press Says:

    […] You may also view the entire Buda 2030 Comprehensive Plan document at the project website […]

  2. WaterFrontLandOwner Says:

    With respect to Objective P-3:
    Designating real property as reserved for a trail system, or other public use, impacts its marketable value.
    As discussed in the Texas PRPRPA, and other legal precedences, this is likely illegal.
    I would suggest that the Buda city government may not want to risk spending many thousands of dollars on lawyers fees defending a risky position. (Your tax dollars at work!)
    Nearly 50% of the Park Land and Trails that Buda owns is undeveloped, and/or poorly maintained; maybe more focus should be given to better utilizing the property that Buda already owns.

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